About us

We are a group of fishing enthusiasts from Florida. Having grown up in the region, fishing has been a way of life for us. However, when we saw the number of tourists coming in from other cities, we realized that there was little or no information to help them with this sport. Many had difficulty with knowing the best areas for fishing, and would go back frustrated. Others did not have much idea on the variety of fish available in the waters. That’s when we decided that the fishing capital of the world, needed a hub, where fishing enthusiasts could come for information, bookings and details. Sportfishingflorida was thus started, and today it has completed five successful years.

During this time, we have understood the kind of information people seek along with the kind of experiences they are looking at. With the ultimate aim to create a point where fishing becomes more fun, we take on the stress of informing people about regulations, licenses and other information. We also help people in identifying fish, for which we regularly organize tours as well. With Florida being one of the best destinations in the world for fishing, this is our attempt to make the experience of fishing here, a more fulfilling one.