Whether you’re looking to spend quality time fishing with your family, a group of friends or alone, we have a package and plan just for you. Mentioned below are the package rates, dress code, rules and regulations and other relevant information for fishing with us at Florida.

Herbal Alternatives
Package details

Package rates vary depending on the months of the year and the group size. Do write to us, and we will devise a package that suits your requirements.

Organic Formulas

Fish handling, measuring the size of fish, and knowing which species can be fished for and which cannot, is governed by a set of rules and regulations. It is important that people be aware of these before they embark on fishing. Do write to us, for the details.

Health supplements
Learning guide

Making tide predictions, identifying fish species, understanding the behavior patterns of the various fish and following tactics for fishing, are all skill sets. These have all been build up by experienced people in our community, and are offered to our customers in the form of a guide book. Alternatively, for first hand experiences, guides can also be taken along on fishing trips, and can be arranged for from our team.