The Art Of Fishing

The consumption of seafood is in the rise dating back to the 1970s to 1980s when the United Kingdom embarked on creating awareness on the health benefits associated with seafood consumption. solihull restaurant is among the popular centers that have recorded high seafood consumption rates. The high rates of consumption continued until the United Kingdom experienced a sharp decline in seafood, forcing a shift to cheaper proteins.

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Some of the common seafood includes:

- Tuna

- Crab

- Catfish

- Scallops

- Lobster

- Oysters

- Salmon

- Shrimp

- Tilapia

- Breaded Fish

Fishing is the primary source of all these seafood. 

What is fishing? 

Fishing is an activity undertaken aimed at catching fishing. Fishing involves a range of techniques such as hand gathering, netting, angling, trapping, and spearing. Fishing is not only restricted to catching fish, but also other aquatic animals such as crustaceans, Mollusca, cephalopods, among others. The term fishing however do not apply to farmed aquatic animals. 

What equipment is needed for a fishing trip/session? 

The type of fishing method employed dictates the kind of fishing equipment to be used. Here is some of the equipment you need during your fishing trip:

Fishing Rod and Reel 

Fishing rods are willowy poles made of graphite or fiberglass. They are cast in the waters using a fishing line. They are classified according to their strength, action, taper and responsiveness. 


The hooks are used to catch fish of different sizes. They are poked in the fish's mouth when they nibble; however, in some instances; the hooks catch the fish body. The hooks are of many types: single, double, circular, and treble. Single hooks are designed for beginners. 


Baits are attached at the end of a fishing line to lure fish. It is essential to learn that different types of fish are attracted by different baits. 


Safety is paramount while fishing, especially on your skin when fishing in summer. 

Line Cutter

Fishing lines are set to be sturdy. As such, you need a cutter to set up new lines or get out of a snag. 

Fishing History 

Fishing in the prehistoric times as a method of survival. Over time, fishing has developed tremendously as sophisticated fishing equipment is used. Available evidence shows that Tianyuan man who lived between 42,000 and 39,000 started fishing as hunting, gathering, and fishing was the primary source of food. The south Africa caves contained the earliest evidence when man started eating shellfish. The use of hooks was the earliest method of fishing. 

Where can fish that are caught end up (restaurants)? 

Fishing done today is for commercial purposes. For this reason, you will be served seafood in restaurants, hotels, cafes, resorts, and homes. Some of the fish cooked in these eateries include Lobster, Oysters, Salmon, Shrimp, Tilapia, and Breaded Fish, among others. 

What is a pescetarian? 

Pescetarianism is the adherence to the seafood diet as the primary source of meat. Most pescetarians are vegetarians and consume dairy products and eggs. This is a recommendable way to keep your body healthy as the body is supplied with various nutrients such as omega-3, magnesium, sodium, and fatty acids.